Working with small business owners, who are totally over trying to do everything themselves, is my specialty. These folks have come to realize that delegating their work can only help them focus on actively growing their business.

Relieving business owners of their administrative burden is Preparing marketing emails, handling the logistics of an online webinar, and making sure the social media feed is current are examples of what I do to keep my clients' businesses running. Doing these tasks allows them to focus on more important things like growing their business, meeting with potential clients, closing the deal and reinforcing relationships with their current clients.

My Background

My degree is in Business Administration from the University of Maryland (Go Terps!). I have over 10 years of experience as an executive assistant supporting a couple of amazing CEOs, 10 years as a conference planner where I got to really apply my tech savviness, and 7 amazing years as a virtual assistant and business owner. That’s a lot of combined years + experience with continuous learning being a huge part of my drive!

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that finding solutions, solving problems, and providing awesome customer relations are my special abilities. Putting these abilities to work every day is so rewarding!

When I’m not drafting up marketing emails, finding solutions and creating dazzling images, you’ll find me reading a historical novel set in England (e.g.,Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell)  or in the kitchen whipping up a delicious dessert like a cheesecake with lemon custard topping - yum!

Want to know more about me? Here it goes:

  • I am an active member of the Texas Freelance Association where I serve as the volunteer Communications Coordinator on the Education Team. I also belong to Her Corner and IVAA.

  • Watching dark British dramas are my guilty pleasure. Have you watchedHinterland, DCI Banks or Thorne? That's what I'm into.

  • I am a grandmother to a delightful and active 2-year old grandson. Being a grandmother is PURE JOY!

  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their growing family are a bit of a fascination with me. I even have a personal Pinterest board dedicated to them. Have you noticed a British theme here? 

  • Libraries and the books that they hold, bring me comfort. Check out my library board on Pinterest if you want to know what I'm reading.

  • There is only one sport that I watch every year and that is the Tour de France. I got hooked over 10 years ago by the scenery of the French countryside. It's really quite amazing and it's the most grueling of all the sports.

Keep being awesome!