Intention Setting


In yoga class, we're asked to set an intention to help us be present and consciously decide where we put our attention during the next 60 minutes. I find that when I don't set an intention, I'm simply going through the motions, allowing my mind to wander and not being present with the poses or the energy in the class. When we set an intention, we open our minds to be fully present and receptive to energy flowing through the room. Setting intentions isn't just for the yoga mat. Apply it when you're working, especially when getting focused is a challenge.

During this past year, I've been so committed to supporting my clients that I have not written a single blog post. Recently, I conducted my first formal annual review and planning session for my business. As result of this full-day review, I have committed to writing every day for at least 15 minutes. Now that I'm back to writing regularly, I'm finding that sharing my thoughts is a little scary. When it's time to sit down and write, I'm finding myself wanting to do anything else but write. Writing is a commitment I've made to myself and throwing in the towel this early is not an option!

This is when intention setting can really help. Now, when I sit down to write, I set an intention to write for at least 15 minutes about anything I know on the current topic. When I set the intention, I give myself a clear purpose and reason to write. Before I know it, 30 minutes has elapsed and I'm still writing. Yay for me :-)

Next time you're finding it hard to focus, try setting an intention. You'll be amazed at how powerful it is.

Apply it to your entire life and see how much more present and focused you are. Check out these resources if you want more guidance on how to set an intention.

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