Looking back to look ahead


The day after Thanksgiving, I carried out my first annual year-in-review of my business. I’ve done reviews of my business in past years but it was never very official and as detailed as this year. It will be an annual activity from now on. I was prompted to conduct a deeper look at my business and activities this year because I didn’t do much in the way of supporting my own business. This past year has been more about providing the support my clients needed and making sure they were supported and had the attention they needed to run their business and grow their business. 

This past year has been amazing and productive. I met two of my client teams in person for the first time since I started my business 9 years ago. That was a real treat and has certainly deepened and added another level to our relationships. I’ve been supporting one of my clients with the management of her call for abstracts and supporting the conference presenters and I finally had the opportunity to provide onsite support. That was a real treat. I got to meet members, the board, the team. There’s a lot to be said about face to face relationships when most of your clients are remote, but that’s for another blog post :-) Being onsite at the conference gave me a better sense of what goes on, how the meeting is run and I came away with some changes that will be implemented for the 2018 conference, which I will be supporting onsite again.

In order to keep providing exceptional support to my clients, it’s important to be more mindful of giving my own business regular attention.  

This year, I commit to the following for my business:

  • Write daily 
  • Update my social media profiles
  • Stay reasonably active on my social channels
  • Read at least 1 business article daily
  • Keep my website update
  • Post a fresh blog twice a month
  • Attend a business related event at least once a month