Your organization is growing and so are your operational and administrative needs.

A team focused on their areas of expertise are more likely to succeed and hit their targets compared to a team who is pulled into administrative tasks.

Get the support you and your team need to keep growing and expanding your business.


These are a sampling of services provided. If you don't see something on the list, contact me anyway, it's likely that I can support you. 

  • Manage entire Call for Abstracts process (from submission to review to speaker support)

  • Manage meeting presenters

  • Meeting logistics support

  • Support your membership efforts

  • Salesforce admin support

  • Create graphics

  • Order supplies

  • Research (office space, office equipment, restaurants, catering, meeting space)

  • Serve as your office manager or operations coordinator (onboard new staff, manage expense reporting, maintain employee handbook, provide training or coordinate it, plan staff events, etc.)Manage or support social media efforts

  • Manage or support email marketing, contacts list, create sign-up forms, create auto-reply series

  • Work with bookkeeper with expense tracking

  • Update website information

  • Maintain blog postings

  • Create processes

Sample of tools in use: Dropbox, Microsoft Office 365, Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Apple iWorks, Tallie, Toggl, Asana, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Asana, Canva, Photoshop Elements, Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, Buffer, Hootsuite, MailChimp, Constant Contact, MadMimi, 17Hats, HelloSign, Oasis Abstract Management


How This Works

Clients who are in growth mode and are power users, rely on me to take care of routine tasks, carry on with team projects and we have regular check-in calls. 

When a client needs support, she usually engages me with an email, a task assignment through Asana or a phone call. I have a 100% response rate to every email a client sends me, even if the reply is a quick acknowledgement. You will always know when I've received your email. A client will tell me what she needs, when she needs it and provided detailed instructions. I will review the request and let her know if I can meet the due date and ask any questions that come up. 

Existing clients will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month for work completed the previous month. Payment is due within 15 days from the day the invoice is issued.


Growth Mode - 11-20 hours per month

$55 per hour. You are in growth mode and need steady support. Should you fall below 11 hours in a month, your rate will remain at $55 per hour, at which point we will review your needs and adjust your rate accordingly for the following month.

Power User - 21+ hours per month

$50 per hour. Your team needs support and so do you. As long as you bill over 20 hours per month for 3 months straight, you'll stay at this optimal rate.

Got This! - 10 hours or less per month

$60/hour. SOLD OUT You can handle most of your administrative tasks, but still need a little help. If you exceed 10 hours in a month, your rate will remain at $60 per hour. At this point we will review your needs and adjust your rate accordingly.

Clients (past and present): Academy of Laser Dentistry, ProInspire, Washington Psychiatric Society, Finding Resolution, Joan Pagano Fitness, Olde Raleigh Real Estate, Boardroom Golf, NAPW - Fairfield County Chapter, Beth Goldsmith, Cindi Rivera, MFT, Leading Edge, Ivy Griffin, Annie Shuessler, Joan Crawford, LSW, Bringing Up Kids, ACHCA, Empire Realty, Marielle Berg, Sarah Soul, Raj Chand